Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Celebration of life~ Tomorrow 4-8 @ DMYC

Hi all

I am keeping busy getting the service together. There is so much to do! The service is supposed to be a celebration of Johnny's life so the pastor will try to bring some happiness and sunshine to the event. There will be a time for everyone to get up and share something about Johnny if you chose OR you can have the pastor read something for you if you give it to him before the service or email it to me: After the final song we will have snacks and socialize. You are welcome to bring a snack to share. The service is at the Des Moines Yacht Club which is at: 22737 Marine view drive
Des Moines, Wa 98198
or call them @ 206-878-7220
or me @ 206-718-8883

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Johnny's Service @ DMYC 7/9/09 from 4-8

Hello all,

Thank you for you kind thoughts, prayers and words. I have been constantly surrounded by friends and family.

Johnny had been planning to join the Des Moines Yacht Club at Quartermaster harbor for their annual fireworks display. He really wanted to spend the night on the boat one last time. He didn't quite make it in body, but he was there in spirit. I chose to go on the cruise, because I believe Johnny would have really wanted us all to be there. We even took our boat, which has not been on the water in several months. The boat (Scuba Doo) had some fuel filter problems on the trip over. That was VERY stressful cuz we lost power in the shipping lanes with a huge container ship headed for us. We made it to the raft out eventually. The guys drank the 2 beers (Abyss and Stone Brewing~Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout) that Johnny was saving for 4th of July and they toasted him.

I definitely have a lot to learn still, but luckily I have lots of people to help teach me. I may never have Johnny's natural boating talent, but I do not intend to give up. I will figure it all out. I probably need hours and experience more than anything to give me the confidence that will help me just jump in the boat and go.

I am still working on a memorial service. I have a place and time, but don't really know what will happen yet. The service will be at the Des Moines Yacht Club on July 9th, 2009 around 4-8pm. I will add details as they are planned. This is all new to me, Hopefully I will never have to do it again.

Thank you again, and please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The fight has ended.

Johnny passed away peacefully in his sleep between 6 and 8am this morning (7/2/9). He has still been fairly active and happy up thru this past Sunday when we had a small gathering at our house. Monday he started having very severe pain which was treated with heavy narcotic doses. That, of course, causes alot of constipation which makes the pain worse. Well, he never bounced back after Monday. He got much weaker and incoherent. We were still trying to treat his symptoms throughout Wednesday and over night. Around 1:30am Thurs, Johnny started vomiting. We had difficulty moving him or even getting him conscious enough to turn his head to vomit. After a few calls to Hospice, various medications, new sheets and a mini bath, we got him calmed down enough to sleep. His breathing was labored-even with oxygen, but I could not give him any more medications. I tried to calm him by talking to him as much as I could. eventually, around 5:30am I finally took a short nap by him. I woke up 2 hours later and he was gone.

As soon as I discovered Johnny's death, I called a few friends, who called a few others, etc and was very soon surrounded by love and hugs everywhere in our home. As we have said many times before....we are surrounded by the most amazing group of friends that anyone could ever imagine!! We ALL leaned on each other, cried, passed kleenex, drank, ate and helped each other through a very tough day.

I need to get some sleep if I can, since I only got 2-3 hours last night and today was probably the toughest day of my life. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and strength.

I will post details of the memorial service as soon as I can.

Thank you

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tattoo and Livestrong Challenge!

Hello Friends!!

Most things here are pretty normal. We have actually seen SUN in Seattle a few times!! Very exciting!! Johnny is having his normal appointments, massages, RN visits, lots of visitors, occasional outings for dinner etc, etc. The biggest event has been that Johnny FINALLY got the tattoo that he has been talking about for the last 3-6 months. He has been SOOOO excited. below is the picture.

Another Less enjoyable event was his most recent Doctor visit. He has a new melanoma growth on his neck, basically at his lymph gland area. It is about the size of a golf ball and hard. He is also getting weaker every day and deteriorating pretty regularly. He still has alot of good times, but they come and go. We are trying to write down some of his stories from his past and just enjoying what we can.

On a better note, a friend is biking in the Livestrong Challenge on June 21st (Father's Day) in Johnny's honor!! That is the foundation started by Lance Armstrong to help fight cancer. I will include the link to his Livestrong page in case anyone wants to check it out or donate. It is tax deductible.

Since I generally don't trust myself with computers... in case the link does not work... pick the donate tab Seattle and search for Lief Zimmerman.

Well, I think those are the main things that I wanted to share for now. I hope all is well for everyone out there! Thank you for all the prayers and comments!



Monday, May 18, 2009

Johnny...the social butterfly!

Hi all!!

We've been trying to keep johnny busy, which means we've been keeping busy too! We took him out 4 nights last week that I can think of. Two of our friends have been out every night for the Seattle beer festival. We went to the University district for beer and brats on Wednesday night and met the owner and sausage maker as well as the brewers that were featured that night. It was fun. I got him to a yacht club meeting long enough to chat with friends but not too long for the 2 hour board meeting. Saturday, we simply hung out at a friend's house. Sunday was the best day... Johnny got to go on the boat with his buddies to the Tides Tavern while I took my dad and Kyle to the cheese festival in the Pike Place Market. It ended up being a long day with the extra stops on the way to take Kyle home, But a very fun cheezy day!

Thanks for the comments! We love the support!