Monday, May 18, 2009

Johnny...the social butterfly!

Hi all!!

We've been trying to keep johnny busy, which means we've been keeping busy too! We took him out 4 nights last week that I can think of. Two of our friends have been out every night for the Seattle beer festival. We went to the University district for beer and brats on Wednesday night and met the owner and sausage maker as well as the brewers that were featured that night. It was fun. I got him to a yacht club meeting long enough to chat with friends but not too long for the 2 hour board meeting. Saturday, we simply hung out at a friend's house. Sunday was the best day... Johnny got to go on the boat with his buddies to the Tides Tavern while I took my dad and Kyle to the cheese festival in the Pike Place Market. It ended up being a long day with the extra stops on the way to take Kyle home, But a very fun cheezy day!

Thanks for the comments! We love the support!




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  2. Good to hear Johnny's social life isn't suffering too much. Wishing you both strength and luck...


  3. So happy to hear you are out socializing a bit. We continue to pray for all 3 of you. Call if you want to chat.
    The Brummitt's

  4. Sounds like you all are really having some wonderful, busy and fun days.