Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tattoo and Livestrong Challenge!

Hello Friends!!

Most things here are pretty normal. We have actually seen SUN in Seattle a few times!! Very exciting!! Johnny is having his normal appointments, massages, RN visits, lots of visitors, occasional outings for dinner etc, etc. The biggest event has been that Johnny FINALLY got the tattoo that he has been talking about for the last 3-6 months. He has been SOOOO excited. below is the picture.

Another Less enjoyable event was his most recent Doctor visit. He has a new melanoma growth on his neck, basically at his lymph gland area. It is about the size of a golf ball and hard. He is also getting weaker every day and deteriorating pretty regularly. He still has alot of good times, but they come and go. We are trying to write down some of his stories from his past and just enjoying what we can.

On a better note, a friend is biking in the Livestrong Challenge on June 21st (Father's Day) in Johnny's honor!! That is the foundation started by Lance Armstrong to help fight cancer. I will include the link to his Livestrong page in case anyone wants to check it out or donate. It is tax deductible.

Since I generally don't trust myself with computers... in case the link does not work... pick the donate tab Seattle and search for Lief Zimmerman.

Well, I think those are the main things that I wanted to share for now. I hope all is well for everyone out there! Thank you for all the prayers and comments!




  1. Loud and clear Tamera and Johnny!
    I don't think you can say it more succinctly than that! :)
    I ride on the 21st so that you and others like you can continue to say that with conviction.

  2. Tammy. So glad to read your post. Doctors don't know everything do they? Love the new tattoo. Keep living and loving. Arlene

  3. Awesome tattoo Johnny! So glad you hear you all are having some good times desipte the recent news of new growth :(.

    All the best to you in your ride Lief.

  4. Johnny,

    Awesome tat! I have a red devil, pitch fork and all on my left butt cheek. It's very entertaining for new docs and assorted medical personnel.

    You and Tammy are both in my thoughts and prayers!

    Mary Jo (MM Stage III)

  5. Great tat... Got a coffee cup for my sister with that sentiment on it. When you poured hot liquid in it, the black turned to clear and you could see the F#$k Cancer plan as day...

    All the best Johnny! We continue to pray for that miracle...

    Doug & Lea IBoatNW

  6. Hi John and Tammy! Love your tattoo John! I agree FUCK CANCER!! You two are forever in my thoughts and prayers.


  7. Gotta love the tat! Fuck cancer and especially melanoma! Prayers and good vibes sent your way this evening....
    Rocco - Stage IV mel

  8. I did it!
    Johnny, I rode with your picture telling cancer to F#*$ off all the way around Seattle yesterday for 116 miles.
    There are many pictures of the event taken by some of my fellow riders, I will forward them to you as I find them.
    Here is a post from my Dad. He cheered me on in Renton.
    It was hard, and cold, and stinging (hail), and tiring, and hot, and crampy, and all of that and yet I never stopped on an uphill climb; I kept on going because I knew it wasn't as bad as cancer.
    Cheers mate! You are an inspiration.


  9. Keep Kickin Ass Johnny! You've been a great inspiration to my wife and I and all the other Melanoma patients who have read your blog.

    Brandon and Melissa

  10. Great Tat! Kyle blew away a 15 mile ride in DC. Wish you were here!

  11. Tyfani and TaejahJune 29, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    I love your Tatoo Johnny!

  12. Happy trails Johnny. It sounds like you got your wish this morning. Everything is fine here. Jack says Tammy is emotional but good. She is sorrounded by lots of helping friends. Gerrie is on is way up in the morning and the yacht club has sprung into action. See who you can talk to about congress and the whitehouse.


  13. Johnny,

    It's been an absolute pleasure spending time with you and we look forward to meeting with you again when its our time to pass on. Your kind caring nature and bravery during your last days on this earth were an inpriation to us and your memory will be carried with us for the rest of our lives. We love you! Tammy, if you need anything we are only a phone call away!

    Nadia and Shawn

  14. What a warrior. Tammy, you were an absolute rock for him...everyone should be so blessed. My heartfelt condolences. Peace, Johnny.

  15. Thank you, all. It is time that I add a new post. All of your words will help give me the extra strength to do this.

    Thank you

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