Sunday, July 5, 2009

Johnny's Service @ DMYC 7/9/09 from 4-8

Hello all,

Thank you for you kind thoughts, prayers and words. I have been constantly surrounded by friends and family.

Johnny had been planning to join the Des Moines Yacht Club at Quartermaster harbor for their annual fireworks display. He really wanted to spend the night on the boat one last time. He didn't quite make it in body, but he was there in spirit. I chose to go on the cruise, because I believe Johnny would have really wanted us all to be there. We even took our boat, which has not been on the water in several months. The boat (Scuba Doo) had some fuel filter problems on the trip over. That was VERY stressful cuz we lost power in the shipping lanes with a huge container ship headed for us. We made it to the raft out eventually. The guys drank the 2 beers (Abyss and Stone Brewing~Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout) that Johnny was saving for 4th of July and they toasted him.

I definitely have a lot to learn still, but luckily I have lots of people to help teach me. I may never have Johnny's natural boating talent, but I do not intend to give up. I will figure it all out. I probably need hours and experience more than anything to give me the confidence that will help me just jump in the boat and go.

I am still working on a memorial service. I have a place and time, but don't really know what will happen yet. The service will be at the Des Moines Yacht Club on July 9th, 2009 around 4-8pm. I will add details as they are planned. This is all new to me, Hopefully I will never have to do it again.

Thank you again, and please continue to keep me in your prayers.


  1. Sorry to hear of Johnny's passing, Tammy.

  2. My deepest sympathy to you, Tammy, on Johnny's passing. I will keep you in my prayers...

  3. So glad to hear you got the boat out; I know Johnny was looking over ya cracking up at your attempts, missteps and triumps. I can see him with that little smirk just shaking his head.